Selling Phoenix Assurance endowment policy ?

Surrenda-link is a leading market maker for traded endowments and will make improved offer and valuation for your old Phoenix Assurance endowment - Mid-term endowment policies can be resold into the market for improved offers. There are buyers waiting for your old Phoenix Assurance life policy.

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Suitable for resale :

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1. To value endowment online, firstly, find your policy *

2. Your policy may be tradable if it is in the following list.

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* You may check to see if endowment buyers can improve on the surrender value of you policy by submitting the details of your policy online.

Your details go straight into the database of leading traded endowment market maker Surrenda-link who will consider whether your policy qualifies and whether they are able to improve on the surrender value.

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About TEPMarkets introduces policy holders to leading traded endowment market makers. Privacy: keeps your personal information confidential and only submits to present traded endowment market maker. Surrenda-link. (Market maker recipients can change). receives a fee, as introducer, only on completion of transfer of endowment and this fee is from the purchasing market maker. Contact at

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