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If you need to cash-in your endowment policy early you could get up to 30% more than the policy surrender value - by selling into a market for Tep's - Traded endowment policies. Policies must be traditional with-profits endowment policies or life assurances, more than five years old, with a surrender value greater than £5000.

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1. To value endowment online, firstly, find your policy *

2. Your policy may be tradable if it is in the following list.

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* You may check to see if endowment buyers can improve on the surrender value of you policy by submitting the details of your policy online.

Your details go straight into the database of leading traded endowment market maker Surrenda-link who will consider whether your policy qualifies and whether they are able to improve on the surrender value.

For details of qualification requirements, click here.

Surrendering old endowments

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There is a market for second hand with-profits endowment policies in which brokers find best deals from purchasing market makers. If you hold an endowment policy you may need to sell your policy mid-term. Policy holders are able to get improved offers for the policy they hold via competitive bids from the TEP brokers.

Traded Endowment Market Makers will assess the value of your endowment and make an offer based on your policy details. If you decide to sell, the market maker then takes on the commitments of the policy and resell into an open market of buyers.

People who are changing their mortgage or moving house going through divorce, need more capital or who predict a fall in the profit of their endowment may have a requirement to sell existing with-profits endowment or life assurance policies.

Traded Endowment Policies or TEPs are second hand with-profits endowment policies legally assigned to new owners who pay the purchase price and take over the payment of future premiums. The life assurance cover remains on the original life/lives assured, but all policy benefits on maturity or, an earlier life assurance payout, are the property of the new owner.

As TEPs are purchased mid-term the policy already has a guaranteed value made up of the 'Basic Sum Assured' and 'Bonuses Attaching' and the initial charges have all been paid by the original policyholder. More about bonuses

All policy details indicated in the form are required. Your phone numbers are also required to ensure contact.

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About TEPMarkets introduces policy holders to leading traded endowment market makers. Privacy: keeps your personal information confidential and only submits to present traded endowment market maker. Surrenda-link. (Market maker recipients can change). receives a fee, as introducer, only on completion of transfer of endowment and this fee is from the purchasing market maker. Contact

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